Brian has set-up, built-up, managed and  turned round a whole variety of businesses during 35 years.
From setting up a Windsurfing school run in his spare time
to growing an Anti-Virus software firm eventually sold for over $600m,
he has a wealth and breadth of running companies in every stage of their growth.

  • Start-Up & Very Young Companies

Brian has set-up more than a dozen companies from a 4-person-partnership to a (non listed) PLC. He understands the legal, structural and financial requirements of the various possible company formations. But most importantly, how are you going to get and test your market? How will you find a reference customer for your product or service? How long will your cash last?

  • Young companies beyond survival mode

Brian also knows how to establish systems and processes in sales, marketing, finance, employment and service delivery. Do you need to raise finance to grow your business, or can you grow organically? How do you find the right employees? How will you choose an office that will cope with expansion? How will you reach new customers?

  • Step change growth

Your business is established but you are key-man dependent (typically, that’s you and your partner). How do you move your business to a more independent state? Can you transition from manager to leader? How do you find the right people that you can rely on to run the business with you? Brian has helped many companies through these changes, and can help you, too!

  • Accelerated growth

If you are fortunate enough to have developed a market winning product or service, you are going to want to maximise your opportunity. Brian has direct experience of this “tiger by the tail” environment. Building systems and teams that will successfully support your business through such growth is difficult but critical. Help is on hand!

Enable your business to expand to its maximum potential, with help from Brian