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3, Mill Lane, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3HY

+44 7971 886 113


  • “After meeting with Brian, I could be fully be on the path I wished to be. It was inspiring and helped me to see with clarity. Thanks again.”

  • “Brian is a skilled facilitator. He led me effortlessly through a three hour face to face masterclass on researching my market and selling myself and my business.”

  • “Brian has always provided an excellent service, combining technical expertise with total unflappability – always a good combination”

  • “Brian is very knowledgeable across a broad spectrum of IT disciplines. This means we can throw him in to challenging situations confident that he will be able to draw on his extensive experience to deliver pragmatic and workable solutions.”

  • “Reliable and resourceful, geared at problem-solving, Brian is a very good listener. He also anticipates his clients’ needs.”

  • “Brian has managed a dramatic turnaround in the company. The [Group] Board expressed great satisfaction with this result.”