January 2015

de Havilland Support Ltd

Brian has been working with director-owners Bill Taylor and Mark Miller for several years now, since they were […]

ASD-STAN (AeroSpace & Defence Standards organization)

The ASD-STANdards organisation, based in Brussels, were running an outdated website which was hosting a document sales system […]

Ever wanted a Hoverboard, Marty?

The world’s first, real, Hoverboard (runs on a conductive metal surface) is revealed here: https://theridechannel.com/features/2014/11/tony-hawk-rides-hoverboard

Tips for Training your Brain as you grow older

I recently got forwarded a link to a copy of an interesting document on Brain Training for older […]


So, what do we say when confronted with Radicalism, Extremism and its ilk? I’d normally point in the […]