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The Theresa May Government is struggling with Brexit. Its members continue to use vacuous phrases and empty rhetoric in an attempt to disguise their lack of exit strategy. “Brexit means Brexit” was one such, and was a strong indicator that her EU Exit vehicle was running on empty. (‘Scuse me […]

Parish Meeting Minutes 12th April 2016 (New Style)

  Minutes in PDF Format: Full Parish Meeting Minutes with proposed new style

Parish Meeting Agenda

    Planning Meeting Minutes 16.06.23 (PDF Format)

The Excel UTF-8 gotcha

The Microsoft Excel Unicode UTF-8 Gotcha Pretty unbelievable, but true, is that (since Office 2003?) Microsoft Excel cannot properly handle Unicode UTF-8 Import and Export to look after your accented and other special characters used on your website. (Try exporting µ ≥ or ≤ or just a ° Degree sign!) […]

Importing large data set into Easy Digital Downloads

I manage a client’s WordPress installation which delivers digital documents using Easy Digital Downloads as the primary plugin. Recently they asked me to facilitate sharing documents bi-directionally with partners, distributors and subscribers. This included adding a large document library of over 2,000 documents initially, and a small number later, incrementally. […]

de Havilland Support Ltd

Brian has been working with director-owners Bill Taylor and Mark Miller for several years now, since they were introduced to him as as a Business Link listed advisor. In the first instance, Brian helped de Havilland though a critical transformation following the notification of withdrawal of BAE Systems’ funding from […]

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